WorldVentures Travel Reviews ~ Scam or Legit

world ventures travel

There has been a lot of buzz around worldventures travel business opportunity and I will walk you through the important details you must know.

You will discover if worldventures is a legitimate business opportunity or not and how their compensation plan works.

I will also go further to help you decide if this business opportunity is for you or if you need to look forward to another business opportunity.

Let's get started...

WorldVentures Travel Reviews - The Company

worldventures travel


Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure

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The company launched in December 10, 2005 by Mike Azcure and Wayne Nugent.

Wayne Nugent had a vision of a company that would cultivate the spiritual, emotional, intelligence physical and financial lives of its members.

The company has over 300, 000 active independent representative in 34 countries selling the companies product which is travelling packages.

Worldventures travel packages strive to promote fun, freedom and fulfillment by helping individuals and families get their dream vacation at a discounted rate.

Now Let get to the products they offer...

WorldVentures Travel Review - The Product Line

worldventures travel

The main difference between MLM companies and Pyramid scheme is the products offered by MLM companies. Worldventures has some great product for its members and that's pretty important.

Here are some of the costs for their memberships:

  • DreamTrips (Gold) - $199 one-time then $50 per month
  • DreamTrips  (Platinum) - $299 one-time then $99 per month
  • International DreamTrips Life - $199.95 one-time then $49.98 per month
  • Luxury DreamTrips - $999.99 one-time then $99.99 per month
  • DreamTrip U - $99.99 one-time then $20.99 per month

You must become a member to have access to their travel packages.

Although MLM companies tend to have high products price to support their compensation plan but this products must be unique. With worldventures, you are getting a unique product at a very low and comfortable price.

Well, maybe not for everyone but you can sell to everyone of course.

WorldVentures Travel Reviews - Business Opportunity

Like every other MLM companies out there, you have to purchase a business package tool kit to get started. To become a business partner, you must pay:

  • Business partner - $99 one-time then $11 per month

Once you pay the enrollment fees, you get paid commissions.

This a great video that explain worldventures compensation plan and business opportunity.

World ventures business opportunity is great if you can learn how to sponsor people and easily duplicate.

Is it For You?

WorldVentures is a legitimate business opportunity and if you like the their product and wants to build a real business with this company then this is definitely for you.

But if you don't like recruiting people into your business before you can make great income then you can check out this passive ideas.

Recommendation: I do not promote this business opportunity but its definitely a real deal and could set you up in your passive income quest. If you have any issue joining a business opportunity, then reach out to me, I will help you out.


WorldVentures is a great and legitimate business opportunity. It will definitely empower you to financial success if you decide to join this company.

You can also promote your business using online traffic sources such as Growtraffic or Solo ads.

I have given you every important details to help you decide. Hope you enjoy the post.

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