Affiliate Marketing Guide: Web Hosting – Registering Your Website

bluehost web hosting

By now, you should have found your profitable niche and offers you which to promote.

If not, go here to find your profitable niche and affiliate network platform.

The next step is to start promoting the offer you choose in your niche and earn commissions.

Oh, I know you love that part. After all who doesn't like earning those string of commissions right into their bank account.

I will walk you through creating your own website for promoting your affiliate offer. Though you can promote it without building a website. It's important to build one if your're serious about making money through affiliate marketing.

Your website will be your most important arsenal in your affiliate marketing business.

Still confused!

Here are the benefits of having a website for your affiliate business:

  • Long-term success
  • Track conversion
  • Split test ideas
  • Total control
  • Build better relationship
  • Helps build your brand
  • Trust

Creating your website will help you in the long term and help create trust which is very important to your success as an affiliate marketer.

But don't get me wrong. It is very possible to do affiliate marketing without a website and still make huge commissions.

Now, let get to the main point...

How to Register Your Website

There are lot of website registrar out there and to be honest, its really difficult to identify the best one since the competition is pretty high.

Though there are some really bad web registrar which is why I made reviews of some hand picked web registrar that are among the best.

You can check it out here.

My #1 recommendation though is Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the best in the industry and are pretty clear and honest about their service.

And I recommend them because their service is top notch and superior to others.

Now head over to Bluehost.

bluehost web hosting

Click on the "get started now" button to choose a plan.

web hosting registration

Since you're just starting out, and funds maybe limited, choose  the basic plan which has the lowest price.

It is enough to have a standard website for your affiliate business, you can also upgrade later when your website start receiving huge traffic.

Once you choose your ideal plan, the next step is to choose your free domain name.


Domain name is the identity of your website. For example, is a domain name.

The trick here is to choose a word or phrase that best represent the niche you're promoting and easy to remember.

Your domain name should not be too long and you should resist using special symbols like: -,+,@ and also numbers.

For example, the niche we use in this guide is wealth distribution, therefore my domain name can be "".

Since the solution in this niche is for people looking to gain wealth and change their lifestyle. It seems ideal and easy to remember.

Once you come up with a domain name of yours, type it into the box and click on "next".

If your domain name is not available, try coming up with another phrase but make sure you choose ".com" as your website extension. 

Now you need to enter your information on the registration page to proceed with your order.


Your website is up and running. Bluehost will send your login info and documentation on how to use your cPanel and manage your website.

If you're new to website creation process, I strongly recommend going through those documentation.

The next step in starting your own affiliate business is: Installing WordPress and setting up WordPress on your website.

WordPress will help you avoid most technical part of managing a website so that you can do it yourself without hiring website designer.

The next step in the affiliate marketing guide is: Installing and setting up WordPress on your website.

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