Top 10 Network Marketing Companies to Join in 2018

herbalife nigeria

The search for the best network marketing companies to choose is still hot.

Sure, you can make lots of money in the network marketing industry but only if you were able to choose the right company.

While choosing the right company actually depends on your skill level, such as marketing, insight, recruitment method, systems and other necessary skill set, below are the list of companies that are safe choice.

Although lots of these companies are realizing the potential of the internet and are quickly switching to online promotion method for their distributors.

Some are however, still focusing on the traditional means of marketing their business.

I will choose those companies that support online promotion method over the traditional promotion method every single day.

But you want to choose he one you feel comfortable with.

Beneath is the list of most reliable, popular and best network marketing companies of 2018 that guarantees result. At least.

So let enjoy the countdown...


wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a great company that sells digital products and they claim to be a community instead of a network marketing company.

The affiliates associated with this companies go far as claiming Wealthy Affiliate is not a network marketing company mostly after reviewing another mlm company.

However, those claims does not change the essences of their business model.

The model of the company is same as that of most network marketing companies.

But I really do like them, as they opt against auto-shipping tactics, mandatory sales volume target and offers a digital product that will not only thrive now but also in the future.

And the best part, they have a free trial option.

forever living

This is one of the oldest network marketing companies out there and have a huge international presence.

Forever living has a great product which is made from Aloe Vera.

The company has good mlm business model as distirbutors joins for free without paying registration fee like most companies does.

And with their compensation plan (although, it outdated and cannot compete with most current companies) is great as you don't have to go on a recruiting frenzy and you don't have to qualifies for levels every month which is great.

#8. Tecademics


Another digital based network marketing company that is rocking the industry.

Tecademics is simply a heavyweights in the industry!!!

Tecademics offers an extensive digital marketing training program that you can ever find.

While this training have a bigger price tag (which is not even close to what you pay for university degree), it is a complete package and even available as a e-course or at their physical location in North Scottsdale.

If you wish to get started with Tecademics, then that's great but I want you to pay attention to their compensation plan as it seems confusing.

digital altitude product, digital altitude review

Digital Altitude also offers digital product that teaches you about the vast world of internet marketing.

The company gives you detailed information on how to build, promote and scale your business from ground up.

While their product ranges from $2,000 and above, it's totally worth it.

Plus, you are giving a personal coach that help you all the way and they even help you close sales.

They also have crazy compensation plan as they pay 40% to 60% of each sales yo make over 3 tiers.

Digital Altitude do have a 14-days trial but you need to invest if you're going to make any considerable income.

young living

Ever heard of Essential oils?

Sure, you have.

Young Living successfully process nature's essential oils that are crazily in demand today.

This company is definitely doing a great job and have positioned themselves in a unique market.

Plus, they are the pioneer.

They simply pushed away from the usual nutritional supplement that seems to be common in the industry and went with something they love.

#5. Herbalife

herbalife nigeria

Herbalife is one of the big players in the mlm industry.

They have a unique products that has been proven to work over the years gone but there were also few complaint of dangerous side effects.

They also have issues with the medias and the FTC for a number of reasons.

In 2016, Herbalife agress to pay out $200 million dollars to former distrbutors as there are reports of scam from the company.

The company also agrees to restructure due to the scam attribute. Many believes that though the do have a unique product, it is too expensive and therefore result in distributors losing money.

However, despite media claims, the company is still going strong, highlighting its uniqueness and willingness to offer a business opportunity to the people.

Herbalife truly have a great international presence having been established in 95 different countries and various distributors still succeed with the company.

jeunesse global

Juennesse is one of the best network marketing company out there and they have been in the top 20 of the best network marketing company over the last few years.

Have you ever wonder how to go back to your younger and fitter self?

Guess you do.

That's exactly what Juennesse Ageless product does. And with the crazy sales profit margin, this company makes about $1.4 billion in yearly revenue.

While the company does not only sell product people already trust, it still in huge demand.

And the best of all, if you want wrinkles to stay away forever, you need to keep using the product making it an essential product.

icoin pro cryptocurrency exchange

This company manages to creep inot my list because of its potential.

Ever heard of bitcoin?

I bet you have, else you'd be living under rocks for almost a decade now.

Icoin Pro is the first of its kind offering you a training platform to help you understand everything about investing in cryptocurrency.

The bitcoin market is huge.

Thousands of people are investing in bitcoin, albeit with no proper understanding, and the company provides you with neccessary training and tools to accelerate your success.

The business opportunity is equally great with 5 different ways to make money from icoin pro.

Unlike other network marketing companies, their compensation plan requires you to recruit little and make a lot more.


Founded in 2008, doTerra as quickly earned a spot among the very best in the mlm industry.

doTerra as rapidly grown into  a big influencer in the essential oils niche and quite impressively in the direct selling industry.

The company major market targets are the young ones.

Product is very essential while choosing a network marketing company to partner with.

And doTerra not only have a product that everyone need, they have a product that is in great demand.

#1. Scentsy


Scentsy created a really innovative product in the market and a unique one in the network marketing industry.

They make a canle that could burn without actually lighting them with fire.

Their foremonst concern is to help people secure their homes from the likelihood of fire and the fastenating fact about this company is that the do promote their business without including the "income opportunity".

This literally shows that the company is in business for a long haul. They also give distributors a huge advantage by been the sole competitor in their niche.


Network marketing is a great way to make money online and choosing the right company with an actually product that works will give you a huge advantage.

Leave a comment below and let me know which company you wish to choose and why.

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