Privacy Policy

At Aromatic Shell, your privacy is our #1 priority and we're committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to Aromatic Shell and all its business associated. This privacy policy governs how we collect, process and use your data.

If for any reason(s), you do not agree with the policy describe on this page, you should not subscribe to receive any information(s) or tool(s) provided on this website nor should you buy anything from this website. However, you can still use our website without providing your personal details. You can read post, comment and also contact us if you need any help.

You should also check out this page periodically for any change to our privacy policy. If you have any question about how we collect and use your data, you should contact us by email at

How Do We Collect Your Data

We do not collect any of your personal details nor do we need to for using our website. We instead collect your personal details when we offer you valuable information or tools we intend to keep from the public but to our subscribers only.

We also collect your data with the sole purpose of putting you in a segment where you'll receive information that you're interested in only. 

Therefore, at Aromatic Shell, we collect your data through subscription box and also when you purchase our product.

You should however, be aware that we do not collect any information when we referred you to an external source. We mainly refer you to external sources when we figured out that you'll be able to solve your ideal problem using tested and trusted sources.

What Happen After We Have Your Data

After collecting your data, we reserve the right to send you additional information which are totally related to the information you opt-in to receive.

Our goal here is to help you at every possible time to quickly overcome your current problem with information we've used ourselves and trusted by many others.

We're currently focus on helping people that are want to start their own online business, start working from home and make money online. And we might decided to add related topic in future.

But we'll only collect your data for the above mentioned topics and send you information related to those topics after collecting your data. You should also note that we'll also send some promotional mails, though this is only if it will help you in your online business journey.

Do We Share Your Data

Your privacy is our #1 priority and we do not and we never share your data for any reasons.

Can You Unsubscribe From Our Communications

To unsubscribe from our communications, click the "unsubscribe" link below our emails sent to you.

If you have any issue you wish to raise, reach us through the contact page.