Nu Skin Reviews – Scam or Legit Business Opportunity

Nu skin reviews

Nu skin is a network marketing company with both business opportunity and products. In this Nu skin review, I will walk you through the whole business opportunity.

The objective here is to show you how Nu skin really works and to help your decision making, if it's really an opportunity for you or not.

Let's get started...

Nu Skin Reviews - The Company

Nu skin reviews


Blake Roney, Sandra N. Tillotson, Nedra Roney and Steven J. Lund

Aromatic Shell Rating:

Nu skin was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Nedra Roney, Sandra N. Tillostson, and Steven J. Lund.

The company operates in over 50 countries around the world giving you the opportunity to build a truly international business and their longevity simply means they will not probably close their door anytime soon.

The company  is popular for their skin care products but has well over 200 products for their distributors.

Nu Skin Reviews - The Products

nu skin product review

The main difference between MLM companies and Pyramid scheme is the products offered by MLM companies. And while some companies focuses on one product, Nu skin distribute over 200 products in both personal care and nutritional supplement.

Since they have a large product base, it's broken down into categories.

Here are Nu skin product categories:

  • ageLOC
  • Powerlips fluid 
  • Essential oils
  • Spa system
  • Tru face
  • Nu skin 180
  • Nutricen trials
  • Tri-phasic white
  • Clear action
  • Peels, Masks, Scrubs
  • Body care
  • Hair
  • Men's care
  • Cosmetics
  • Sun protection
  • Oral care

While their aren't much negative review on their product, some customers still complaint about it. Though their longevity suggest their product really works.

Well, I never use any of it, so I can't be confident.

Nu Skin Reviews - Business Opportunity

Unlike other mlm companies, you do not have to pay any upfront fee to get started.

Here are the 3 ways to earn money with Nuskin:

  • Fast start
  • Retail profit
  • Volume commission

You will also get paid additional bonuses if you meet their executive challenge.

This a great video that explain Nu skin compensation plan and business opportunity and even how to use social media to promote it.

Nu skin business opportunity is great if you can sponsor more people and easily duplicate.

Is it For You?

Nu skin is a legitimate business opportunity and can definitely work for you if you do the work require.

Are you comfortable with recruiting people?

Are you good or eager to learn how to sell your products?

If your answer is yes to this above question then Nu Skin is definitely for you and if you can master the sponsoring game, then you can definitely make it to the top.


Although Nu skin income potential is not that much, it's a legitimate business opportunity and over time can really replace your income source.

They also have lots of product which will only give you a broad aspect of making sales comfortably. 

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