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Network Marketing also know as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has been on the uproar in recent years and it continues to see tremendous growth.

Business that are based on this scheme are launching every single year. So is Network Marketing the right choice for you. Well, I will be revealling everything to you about Network Marketing and if it is the right choice for you...

Then you can make a firm decision to join or not.

Before I dig in, I want you to pay close attention and read to the end because I am going to reveal to you if Network Marketing is for you or not.

How Does Network Marketing Works

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Network Marketing companies work on a direct-selling and team building strategy. There are lot of Multi-Level Marketing companies out there and there are various product that each of them are into.

However, traditional Network Marketing companies promote physical products such as Vitamins, Supplements, Jewelries, Insurance while new Network Marketing companies promote digital products.

As a partner of these companies, you make profit on the product you sell, and big compensation plan on your downlines.

There is no doubt you can earn huge check from these companies, if only you can recruit lots of people in your business and have the ability to sell their products to make profit.

There are lots of confusion about Network Marketing and Pyramid scheme but there are differences.

Pyramid scheme are illegal due to the fact that they do not have an exact product to promote instead they pay their partners commission on their downlines while Network Marketing companies shares commission between the downlines based on the amount of products sold.

How to Choose a MLM Company

By now you know that their are lots of MLM companies out their with lot more launching each year but the problem with MLM companies as been the stability...

Hundreds of MLM companies crash down and this is bad omen for their partners or those considering joining a MLM company because if your company breaks down so does your business.

If you're considering joining a Network Marketing company then you want to check out for this key point before joining:

  • COMPANY PROFILE: Check out how long the company has been in existence. Research shows that lot of Mlm companies quite within 1 - 5 years of launching. So I suggest you go with a company with a history of 10+ years of existence and also check out their management structure. Are they well organized? Are they financially stable? These are important questions the company have to answer.
  • PRODUCT: What kind of product are you promoting? Does it works? Do they have a scientific board or satisfied customers to prove it? Most Mlm products are overpriced, so you want to check that out also and does the price reflect the value of the product? Answer these questions and you're right on your way.
  • COMPENSATION PLAN: I believe you want to join a Mlm company because you want to be financially free or achieve so sort of goals you have. So you need to check their compensation plan. Is it easy to scale? Recruiting people into your business is difficult, so if you need to recruit a lot of people before achieving your desired income level might be another disadvantage.
  • MARKETING SYSTEM: If you're thinking about joining a Mlm company then you want to check the marketing strategy you will have to adopt either by the company or your sponsor. Is it Fun and scale-able? Most network marketers uses traditional method to promote their business such as sharing flyers, house meeting, meeting strangers. Does that resonate with what you can do? Although you have to be willing to do anything to reach your goals but you also don't want to stick with some outdated methods that took years to kick off.


Network Marketing - Is it For You

At this point, you already know that Network Marketing is not a scam but is it really for you.

Well, if the following personalites match with yours then Network Marketing is for you else, I suggest you find another business opportunity to venture into

  • Work harder for years to build a business
  • Educate by reading various books and attending various seminars
  • Follow your sponsor leads
  • Be creative
  • Make consistent and predictable income
  • Work part-time or full-time
  • Sell products to customers
  • Master the art of recruting


Network Marketing is not a scam but does need you to build a business of your own and find a company that worth investing in. But the big picture is that Network Marketing is not for everyone...

It could be the easiest business to venture into and yet the worst ever business to venture into.

I believe this post has help you decide if you can do it or not. 

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