It Works Company Reviews ~ Scam or Legit Business Opportunity

it works company

You probably heard of It works and how wonderful network marketing industry is. In this It works company review, I am going to walk you through the business opportunity it present.

Since network marketing companies differs in the way they operate, I will help you in your decision making by revealing what you need to do and how you need to do it.

Once you have all this vital information, you will be able to move forward and choose the business opportunity that gives you the best chance at success.

Now, let's get started...

It Works Company Reviews - The Company

it works company


Mark Pentecost and Cindy Pentecost

It works company was founded in 2001 by Mark Pentecost and Cindy Pentecost. They both have huge experience in the network marketing industry as Mark become on of the top earner in the company.

This success leads them to start their own direct selling company.

Hence, the birth of It works.

Though, the company started with the "Ultimate Body Applicator". They now have range of products which includes: Nutritional supplements, it's vital, defining body gel and more.

There famous product is the "Ultimate Body Applicator" that is wrapped around the body. This helps you lose weight.

And it was a huge success.

In fact, It works ranked among the top 15 most profitable direct sale companies in North America.

Now, let see their product line...

It Works Company Reviews - The Products

it works company products

The main difference between MLM companies and Pyramid scheme is the products offered by MLM companies. As I said before, It works has lots of products and they all fall into 7 categories.

Here are the categories and prices: 

The price are for wholesale which is only available for the wrapreneurs.


  • Ultimate Body Applicator - $59
  • Defining Gel                        - $45
  • Fab Wrap                             - $5


  • It Works! Wow    - $46
  • Facial                     - $59
  • Toner                     - $33
  • Cleanser                - $33
  • Repairage             - $33
  • Stretch Mark        - $39
  • Preventage           - $25
  • Hair Skin Nails    - $33
  • Lip & Eye              - $29
  • Exploiting Peel     - $36


  • Greens Blend Orange        - $33
  • Greens On The Go             - $33
  • Greens Blend Value Size   - $35


  • It works! Probiotic   - $31
  • It works! Cleanse     - $36
  • Energy 12 Pack         - $29
  • Confianza                  - $25
  • It's Vital Minerals     - $23
  • Advanced Formula Fat Fighter   - $23


  • Wrap Pack              - $69
  • Ultimate Pack (CHOC)   - $279
  • Ultimate Pack (VAN)      - $279
  • Skinny Pack           - $112
  • It Pack Berry          - $179
  • It Pack Orange       - $179
  • Fit Pack (CHOC)    - $179
  • Fit Pac (VAN)          - $179 


  • It works! System   - $147
  • It works! Blender Bottle  - $17

Essential Oils

  • Lavender Essential Oil    - $23
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil      - $19
  • Lemon Essential Oil         - $18
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil  - $15
  • Essential Set                       - $95
  • It works! Essential Oils     - $59

Having a range of product is very good has it will enable their distributor to have huge potential customers base.

It Works Company Reviews - Business Opportunity

Like every other MLM companies out there, you have to purchase a business package tool kit to get started. With It works company, you have to pay $99 to join and start promoting the product as a distributor.

Once you pay the enrollment fees, you get paid commissions.

I tried to look for a neutral business opportunity presentation but this is the best I could find out there. Watch the video to get more insight as to how much you can make with It works.

This a great video that explain It Works Company compensation plan and business opportunity.

It works business opportunity is great if you can master the art of sponsoring people into your business and easily duplicate.

Is it For You?

It works is a great company with wonderful products that won't send customers running away from you.

Although it is not much of a big deal, I believe most network marketing companies have expensive products that most people would have gotten at cheaper rate. And if its difficult to sell your products then becoming a distributor is useless.

While big marketers can sell about any products, companies have to keep their prices competitive for new distributors and that's exactly what it works does.

So, how do you feel about the idea of sponsoring people you know into your business opportunity?

If you feel comfortable with how It works operate then you can go on and become a distributor else click here for me to show you another great option.


I believed this review as help you in your decision making on getting started with It works.

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