DreamHost Review

dreamhost review, dreamhost web hosting

Choosing the right web hosting provider is very vital to your business growth.

In this review, I will be revealing the real facts behind DreamHost, then you will be able to decide if its right for your business or not...

However, it is important to know that every web hosting company out there are not completely perfect. With that in mind, you want to pay attention to the most vital features that will help you grow your business (or the purpose of your website) in the long run.

DreamHost Reviews - The Company


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DreamHost was founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethine, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil (undergraduate students at Harvey Mudd college in California).

DreamHost actually got registered in 1997 by Michael Rodriguez and began its operation. Since then, they have had over 400,000 active customers and hosting over 1.5 million websites.

The company claimed to support open source applications such as WordPress. That's a plus considering almost every website are now hosted under WordPress.

DreamHost is 2017's Highest Rated Web Host by PCMag.com while they even go far by offering a 97-day money back guarantee to get refund if they don't meet up with their promises. That's kinda nut, isn't it.

One of the most interesting thing about DreamHost is their effort to offset carbon. Normally, it takes a huge physical resources to run a web hosting company efficiently and that includes: data centers, servers, electricity among others.

What this wonderful company did was to invest into carbon offsets from International renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to erase any greenhouse gas emissions that are created as a result of running DreamHost server, hereby respecting natural resources.

They even went further to provide you with the certificate as proof. Check it here. And this only proves that Dreamhost to absolute care of their servers, physically and that's really a good news.

DreamHost Review - The Services

dreamhost review, dreamhost web hosting

Just like every other web hosting provider out there, Dreamhost offers range of web hosting plan from WordPress hosting through Shared hosting to Dedicated hosting.

Before we examine their Shared hosting plans, here's a inside look on the features you'll be getting with DreamHost.

Up Times

Up times is very vital when considering a choosing a web hosting company. Website are useless without reliable up times from their host.

Dreamhost, however guarantee an up time of 100% and confidently claim to provide an extra day of service for every hour of downtime you experience. And that's crazy. The best up times I have seen in the industry is 99.99% but Dreamhost goes one better.


While up times are crucial to your website both in the long term and short term, you'll loose potential customers if your website is slow. Even a 5 seconds delay will hurt your business considerably.

Dreamhost is about 16% faster than average load time compare to other industry's elite. And this is probably to their server maintenance.

Official "WordPress.org" Recommendation

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WordPress official site listed 3 hosting provider as one of the best: SiteGround, DreamHost, BlueHost.

Dreamhost actually contributed to WordPress community and provide expert WordPress hosting.

If WordPress loves DreamHost, it must be for a reason.

Traffic Handling

One of the major issue about Shared hosting is that they tend to experience downtime or slower load time when your website has frequent visit from huge traffic you've accumulated.

However, Dreamhost technology and expertise allowed them to have servers that will cope with your traffic demand according to the plan you purchased.

They even claimed to compensate respected customers that experience downtime of any kind.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Most web hosting companies claim to provide unlimited bandwidth which they never even came close, giving you restriction on using their database.

Unfortunately, Dreamhost is not one of them. Dreamhost genuinely offer unlimited bandwidth according to their unlimited policy terms and customer support at no extra fee.

And that might contribute to their expensive  plan because they need to stack up their data centers with server just to accommodate all their customers.


Another crucial factor to consider. Nobody wants to host their website on a server that will probably break down the next day.

Dreamhost offers WordPress-tuned Web Application Firewall (WAF) and prevent physical disaster to their servers.

The fact that they have survive over a decade in the industry means they secure their system with absolute care and the most interesting part is their effort to prevent natural disaster while taking care of the software damages that can be caused by hackers or viruses.

No cPanel

Dreamhost offer a streamlined control panel, built and different from the control panel used by other industry elite.

This is great for beginners (especially for does without technical knowledge) but seasoned pro and developers who have been accustomed to using the cPanel offered by other industry's elite might find it difficult adjusting to it.

Shared Hosting

dreamhost review, dreamhost web hosting

Unlike other web hosting company in the industry, Dreamhost offers just one shared hosting plan. They do not have the usual 3 plan hosting associated to many companies and their shared hosting is powered by SSDs.

Their Shared hosting starts at $7.95 per month for 3 years plan, $9.95 per month for 1 year plan and $10.95 per month on a monthly basis. 

What I do like about them is the fact that they want straight to the exact price without trying to pull you closer with low fee and price out your wallet with upgrades and after initial fees.

A lot of web hosting companies will give you discount on the initial terms and then jump up to about 25%-50% but with Dreamhost, there is no gimmick pricing.

WordPress Hosting

dreamhost review, dreamhost web hosting

Dreamhost offers DreamPress for all WordPress lovers. Although the Shared hosting already has WordPress pre-installed and support WordPress 100% but with DreamPress, you're getting a faster and more secure WordPress managed platform.

Here are what DreamPress offers:

  • Basic: At $16.95 per month, this plan offers 10GB web storage, 1 website and best for new WordPress users or simple project.
  • Plus: At $24.95 per month, this plan offers 30GB web storage space (and expandable to 50GB as your content grows), 1 website, Jetpack Professional included and ideal for novice to more ambitious individuals.
  • Advanced: At $35.95 per month, this plan offers 3 website, 30GB web storage (which is expandable to 80GB per website), Jetpack professional included and ideal for large to very large projects such as big e-commerce site among others.

Other features associated to all their plans includes:

  • Free domain name
  • No hidden fees and clauses
  • Custom Dreamhost control panel
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free SSL Security
  • Payment method: Credit card, Paypal, check, money order checking account

DreamHost Review - The Customer Support

Dreamhost provides a friendly and knowledgeable customer support environment.

They even went as far to provide phone support to some of their plans.

I have always encourages to have great customer support no matter the level of expertise they offer. This is because their expertise is useless if they cannot offer a reliable customer support.

And Dreamhost does meet up with standard as they provide reliable and instant support 24/7.

Is it For You?

Unlike other hosting companies out there, Dreamhost offers straight foward services  so that you know what you are going into and their plan is one of the best in the industry.

With unique plan and 97-days money back guarantee (although DreamPress comes with 30 days money day), you have nothing to lose. So if you have the budget to purchase their plans, then this is definitely for you.

Click here to host your website with dreamhost


Dreamhost is definitely more expensive than other industry's elite but they offer more.

Dreamhost is a great company and recommended by WordPress for their unique service. It definitely worth investing in.

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