Affiliate Marketing Guide: Creating a Sales Funnel

sales funnel

We are approaching the sweet spot, which is earning your commissions. Although every step we have covered so far is very important, you have to pay super attention to this part -  which is creating your sales funnel.

This is exactly what will make or break your affiliate marketing business. If you miss or overlook one simple step, you will be leaving huge commission on the table.

A sales funnel helps you filter out people that are interested in what you have to offer from people that are both interested and ready to buy.

There are lot of reasons behind why people are not ready to make instant purchase but with a sales funnel, you can put interested and ready to buy in different segment without having to put in more hours.

Now, let see what a sales funnel is..

What Is a Sales Funnel?

sales funnel

A sales funnel is the journey you take your website visitors through before eventually pitching them on the product or services you want to sell to them.

That process of taking your website visitors from point  A all the way down to point Z is what helps you convert them to a customer.

What happen within that journey defines the kind of affiliate marketer you are.

Some affiliate marketer are converting monster and they make lots of commission while some keep searching for the reason they keep losing money instead of making it.

Now some funnels are short while some are long and some funnels are very simple while some can be complicated and involving.

Since we have identify the main problem our potential audience wants to solve in: choosing your profitable niche earlier, I will show you two super-effective sales funnel you can use right now.

Short-simple-sales-funnel: This will take your visitors through a direct journey to the merchant sales page.

Short-effective-sales-funnel: This is the one I recommend for affiliates. This will take your visitors through a short but effective sales journey to the merchant sales page.

There is no much difference between both sales funnel but what makes short-effective-sales-funnel unique is the emotional connection it offers.

This will build trust from day 1 and it will immediately sway the mind of the visitors to buying from you.

Now, let see the process of creating your own sales funnel...

Capture Visitors Information

The first step in your sales funnel should be collecting your website visitor's contact details.

That's exactly where the journey starts. Almost 80% of your potential customer's won't buy from you immediately you show them what you're promoting.

So it's very important to collect their details and continue building relationship with them until they are convinced what you offer them will give them their desired outcome.

You also want to be careful of the information you want from them.

According to research, a particular part of human brain called the Amygdala, perceives the situation of giving out personal information to be a threat.

This means your potential customers will perceives giving you their personal details to be a threat but you can actually hack this fight or flight control.

The simple way to do this, is to reduce the information needed to the lowest possible.

For example, the common personal details experts request for is: [name and email]. Some even go as far as requesting for "emails" only.

This is because the more details you request, the bigger the threat seems. So reducing the details request will naturally reduce the threat perceived by the Amygdala.

But in some niches, you might not be able to ask for one or two details. So the key here is to remove any irrelevant details.

Now, we know the importance of collecting our web visitors details but how do we ask them to give us.

This leads us to...

Read Magnet

Highly effective sales funnel warm up cold traffic before pitching the real offer.

To get your website visitors information, you need to provide an incentive. Something valuable and related to the affiliate product you are promoting.

This could be in form of video, PDF file, blog post, or a podcast episode.

The goal here is to attract people who are interested in your niche and affiliate offer.

Whatever method you employ to deliver your free incentives, you have to make sure you dive deeper and don't hold anything back.

My favourite method is to help people solve their own dilema and give them range of methods they can use before pitching them on the affiliate product.

Though I make sure I use the product personally before promoting it, you might not be in such a luxury situation but the method works.

So whatever your incentives are, it must be valuable and really solves a particular problem.

Once you've created your read magnet and create a capture page in exchange for their email address and other vital information, the next step is...

Creating a Bridge Page

The main purpose of creating a sales funnel and going through the step-by-step affiliate marketing guide is to promote your affiliate offer.

And the bridge page is where those things all comes together.

The trick here is to create some sort of emergency and make sure they keep their eyes on their email for future mails from you.

I love using videos here as it connect your visitors to you and make them listen to your offer.

Most of the affiliate offers you will be promoting will have a coupon code that cut off certain percentage from the main price or launch period that helps you give your potential customers a lower price compare to the main price.

With this in mind, you want to approach your newly subscribed visitors to buy from you using whatever incentives you have albeit a limited time.

Once you created a video or web page using the above trick, you have to include a CTA (call-to-action) button that takes them to the merchant offer through your affiliate link.

The next thing is to direct your now subscribed visitors to the merchant sales page.

Before signing off on sales page, you need to....

Setup Autoresponder

Since you are collecting your website visitors information through email marketing software, you need to setup autoresponder.

This will keep sending mails to your subscribers even though you're taking a nap and keep giving them a reason to buy the product you're promoting.

Research show that most of your subscribers won't buy from you until the 7th  mail you sent to them.

So you need to keep in touch with your subscribers and keep building that relationship until they become a buyer.


You need to setup your own autoresponder and sales page to enjoy passive income and keep your business running even though you're in the beach.

The next thing is to send visitors to your site and start earning commissions.

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