Affiliate Marketing Guide: Installing WordPress and Setting Up WordPress on Your Website

Install wordpress

The next step in our affiliate marketing guide is to install WordPress on our newly registered website.

If you haven't done that, go here to check how to register your website with my #1 recommended registrar.

Now, I will walk you through installing WordPress on your website...

I've used Bluehost for my sites and my purchaser web sites, and what i really like about them is that they don’t oversell themselves. they’re easy, they’re innovating new stuff to make WordPress management simpler, and they’re one of the best.

If you don’t realize, Bluehost is one of the formally endorsed hosts by WordPress, that is a big deal.

Installing WordPress

This is the official video from Bluehost on how to install WordPress on your site. It's easy to follow and take about 5 - 10 minute of your time. So you'll be getting WordPress installed in no time.

To get started, Login to your cPanel

bluehost install wordpress

Then click on "Marketplace".

Click on "Add Website"

Install wordpress

Enter your details and click on "Next".

create new wordpress

Select the domain name you registered at previous step, leave the "directory" empty and choose some plugins.

Select wordpress domain

Click on next and WordPress will be installed in 3 - 5 minutes.

After Installing WordPress

There are somethings you need to get rid of and add to your newly installed WordPress.

This video did a good job of showing you those things and how to setup your WordPress site.


Creating WordPress is a best way to manage your website without all the technical know-how it involves. You might also need some plugins and themes along the way. 

If so, just Google search your problem and their are vast library of plugin ready to help you. You can also contact me if you encounter any problem.

The last step in the affiliate marketing guide is: Creating a Sales Funnel

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